Snooki Shuts Down The Situation

On the most recent episode of the Jersey Shore which aired last night, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino put his best moves forward on Snooki. The Situation insists there are feelings between the two and makes a late night pass at the Jersey diva.

Snooki, who has a boyfriend back home, turns down Sorrentino’s advances and shrugs off the encounter. Whether Sorrentino’s new found desire for Snooki is made for TV or legit, will likely be determined in future episodes.

The odd part about the encounter is that it immediately followed Sorrentino’s brief hookup with an American exchange student who he promptly sent home in a cab shortly after a visit to the ‘smush room’.

The Situation has a flair for drama and a preview of episodes to come indicate he may push the limits even farther. If his goal is to dismantle the relationship between Snooki and her boyfriend Jianni, he is definitely laying early groundwork. The couple has already been filmed having communication problems with the time difference and surely there is more to come.

Would Mike and Snooki make a good couple? We may not have to wait long to see if that comes to fruition.

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