Fran Drescher to Appear in New Television Sitcom – ‘Happily Divorced’

Fans will be thrilled to hear that their favorite “nasally” sitcom star is back on television.  Actress, Fran Drescher is returning to television to star in the show ‘Happily Divorced’ which will air on TV Land on Wednesday nights at 10:30, Eastern and Pacific times; 9:30, Central time.

The new show premiers on the network on June 15, 2011. The lighthearted sitcom stars Drescher, whose character name is also Fran in the show.  The show is about how Fran’s husband turns out to be gay and how that revelation affects their lives and relationship when they decide to continue to live with each other even after the divorce.

If this story line sounds familiar, it’s because the show hits very close to home with Drescher’s real life situation. Drescher’s ex-husband, Peter March Jacobs, the creator and producer of the hit TV show, ‘The Nanny’ also came out of the closet after the couple divorced. Drescher and Jacobs reportedly continued to be very close friends and be a part of each other’s lives even after their divorce.

Drescher stared in the widely popular television sitcom, ‘The Nanny’ from 1993-1999 where she played a somewhat annoying, yet lovable character. Drescher’s big break came before the sitcom with her part in the famous movie ‘Saturday Night Fever’ with John Travolta.

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