8 Amazingly Beautiful Cities a Criminal Justice Online Degree Can Take You To


Whether you’re just considering earning a degree in criminal justice online or are on the verge of completing your studies, job prospects are likely a persistent topic of consideration. Virtually any major city has positions available, at one time or another, for those looking for online criminal justice schools to graduate from. When you earn your degree online, you only have to move once the offer comes down. Here are eight amazingly beautiful cities with opportunities for online criminal justice scholars.

New York, New York

It should come as no surprise that a city with over eight million residents has a proportionally impressive criminal justice system, and bevy of jobs to match. NYC provides numerous opportunities for criminal justice grads, and a quick browse of the employment sections of city and state governmental agencies provides a range of positions to apply for. Aside from the many career opportunities, the city also boasts a vibrant theater scene, unmatched shopping and sightseeing, and almost any sort of cuisine imaginable.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and not everyone swoons over endless skyscrapers and cold winters. For those with a more traditional idea of paradise on earth, Hawaii has several cities that will fill the bill for most desirable living. Among them is Honolulu, home to just under 400,000 Hawaiians. The official website of the state provides job hunting resources for the criminal justice graduate. People with criminal justice expertise are almost always in demand, be it for forensic investigations, police work, or court filings.

Los Angeles, California

Maybe you want the best of both worlds–beautiful weather year-round and the hustle and bustle–not to mention crime–of a major world city. No matter if you prefer to live in Los Angeles proper or a SoCal suburb, major metropolis job opportunities abound in the sprawling city that is L.A.

Washington, D.C.

The United States Department of Justice lists numerous criminal justice positions, many located at its headquarters in our nation’s capital. For some, scenery means mountains and sunsets. For others, it means historical sites and classic architecture. If you fall into the latter group, the capital city might be the ultimate destination. As the seat of government, Washington never has a shortage of jobs, particularly not for criminal justice specialists.

Chicago, Illinois

With blustering winds and brutal winters, non-Chicagoans might find the so-called “capital of the midwest” an odd choice for this list. But for people who love the history of the city–the architecture, the culture, and the diversity–there’s just no other place to live. Nearly three million wouldn’t have it any other way, and an online criminal justice degree can be your ticket to joining them.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle sees its share of rain, it’s true–with an average of just seventy sunny days per year, lovers of the rays might have a hard time fitting in with over half a million people who call this gray city home. But those who do wouldn’t trade the mountain views, theaters, cityscape or intellectually inclined residents for anything. If you can handle cloudy days, Seattle is one of the more visually stunning cities in the nation, and its beauty is more than skin-deep. Working in the criminal justice sector in this city will mean that your days are filled with interesting assignments, but your weekends will be yours to explore, hike, or just relax.

Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City is known for cleanliness, safety and proximity to the most overwhelmingly majestic mountain range in the United States. When it comes to nature hikes, skiing and all manner of outdoor activities, Denver is difficult to beat. And with the federal government increasingly setting up shop in Denver as a sort of second HQ for its justice division, criminal justice opportunities abound.

Miami, Florida

If you like sun and sand, Florida is the place to be. Florida beaches combine relaxation with nightlife like no other state in the union. Miami’s law enforcement teams are increasingly looking for criminal justice graduates to combat regular city crimes as well as drug and immigration offenses unique to this southern port. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, also has a host of opportunities that might land you in paradise.

A degree in criminal justice opens up opportunities around the country and around the globe. Perhaps more importantly, it provides options to live in work in some of the most alluring and beautiful cities on earth. For many, getting an online criminal justice degree is about more than a flexible, convenient education: it is the key to a whole new life.

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