Top Online College Degrees for Fitness Gurus

In a perfect world, would you never leave the gym? Do you thrive on the feeling of “the pump?” Would you run a marathon every day if your Vibrams could keep up with you? If you’re the rare person who earnestly loves fitness and health, you may be surprised to learn that you can turn that passion into a profitable career. Bachelors and graduate programs are continually expanding to meet demands. A fast growing market in the US is the personal wellness and fitness – something that many universities were quick to develop classes in. Taking part in internet-based education could help you achieve all of your personal training and sports coaching goals without having to give up our training regimen.

Wellness and Fitness
The Wellness and Fitness program at California University of Pennsylvania combines the convenience of online education with the faculty of a respected public university. When graduation comes around, students will have earned a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management, and will be prepared for certification as a personal trainer, as well as for a career in a resort setting. All without ever leaving home!

Personal Training
If you’re interested in a career with the potential for growth (both literally and figuratively), a degree in physical training may be the perfect option. Busy people need exercises that they can easily fit into their schedules, and more often than not need tough coaches to push them. With a diploma in personal training from ACT certification, Pinnacle Career Institute, or the Penn Foster Career School, you’ll be ready to tell your clients to dig deep and keep pushing. Earning an associate’s of occupational studies degree in personal training online will help launch you into a career path boasting a 24% growth projection.

Sports Psychology
Sports psychology is a specialized area of psychology that focuses exclusively on the hows and whys of top athletic performance. Counselors in this field work to maximize athletic potential by removing psychological obstacles from the player’s frame of mind. Sports psychologists at the top of their game who work with professional athletes can easily pull in six-figure salaries. Capella University’s online program is one place to get started. Capella students can work towards a master’s degree in psychology with a specialization in sports without ever leaving their laptop.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy is a highly rewarding field that is expected to grow by 30% in the next six years. As baby boomers age and military personnel continue to be embroiled in fierce combat, occupational therapists are increasingly in demand to assist in recuperative and long-term therapeutic care. Columbia Southern University, one of the nation’s first online colleges, is a great option for anyone interested in earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in occupational safety and health. Columbia’s programs are particularly well suited for military personnel working towards a college degree. In fact, over half of the enrollment at Columbia Southern is made up of either active or former U.S. military.

For the right person, work in a sports or wellness-related field can be a godsend. Few people get the opportunity to meld their profession and their favorite hobby into a fulfilling career. If you’re ready to commit yourself full-time to your fitness guru interests, getting a college degree in sports psychology or personal training could be your first step to coaching first-rate pitchers or helping injured soldiers recuperate. No matter which way you go, you know that online college will give you the education you need to succeed without making you give up your life to get it.

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