Former ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Angelina Reveals Pregnancy

Former ‘Jersey Shore’ cast member Angelina Pivarnick revealed last week that she is pregnant with her first child.  Angelina is engaged to David Kovacs who is believed to be the expecting father.

Angelina appeared in both the first two seasons but continuously had trouble mixing with the rest of the cast members.  While the originals were invited to Italy to shoot the 3rd season, Angelina was not on the plane.   Since her departure from the show, Angelina has worked hard to remain in the limelight and prevent her fifteen minutes from burning out.  She is hoping to return as a ‘Shore’ cast member or secure her own spin-off.

Rumors have swirled recently regarding the recent engagement between the couple and whether or not it was a publicity stunt.  Pivarnick claims that it’s legit and they still plan on getting married.  Kovacs publicly proposed to Pivarnick on a well photographed red carpet appearance.  No further comment was made on the pregnancy after the initial announcement.

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