Energy Drinks, Risky For Children?

Energy Drinks, Risky For Children?

A recent report issued by experts at the University of Miami says that popular energy drinks that contain caffeine may be harmful to the health of children. Energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster, and Rock Star have become widely popular in the last few years. The report says that possible harmful health effects could include heart abnormalities, behavior and mood disorders, and seizures, especially with those who have diabetes.

Overdoses due to energy drink consumption have been reported in children that have resulted in strokes and seizures. It is reported that energy drinks are the fastest growing beverage market in the United States. Energy drinks are considered as dietary supplements and are not regulated by the FDA as of yet. The FDA limits the amount of caffeine in soft drinks as they are placed in the category of food. A pediatric nutritionist at the Cleveland Clinic states that there have not been adequate studies on the effects of caffeine and brain development in children. Certain experts also have concerns not only about the caffeine in energy drinks, but some other common ingredients such as guarana herb, Theobromine, and Yohimbine.

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