Recall issued for popular Audio & Video Baby Monitors

Two infant deaths in the United States have resulted in the recall of 1.7 million video baby monitors. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued the voluntary recall on Friday citing choking and strangulation hazards from the video monitor cords.

The recall is for Summer Infant Audio & Video monitors which were responsible for 2 of the 7 reported deaths due to cord strangulation since 2004.

In March of 2010 a 10-month old girl was strangled to death by the cord while in her crib. Later in November a 6-month old was strangled by the cord which was lying next to the changing table.

Summer Infant Inc., the manufacturer, is urging parents to read the instructions properly and never leave the cord within three feet of the baby.

The company is working on adding labels to the products that better clarify and warn consumers of the safety risks. This is a voluntary recall and no replacement products will be issued.

Visit the Summer Infant website for further information.

2 Comments on "Recall issued for popular Audio & Video Baby Monitors"

  1. I back Siobhan up here on this one. Only in America can you blame your own stupidity on a product. I hope that the company prints “please use common sense” on the label. Although with these people that clearly wouldn’t work either

  2. Can the CPSC issue a recall on these parents? I mean how absent-minded do you have to be to put a 6 or 10 month next to an electrical cord? I mean is it not common sense that a cord near a baby might be dangerous? This is so ridiculous I can’t believe it. While tragic, the parents really need to take the blame for this here…

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