Golf TV Ratings Up

Even though it is very early in the golfing season, TV ratings have shown an increase in the first full month of the year. This is somewhat surprising considering Tiger Woods only played in one of those tournaments, and he was not in contention towards the end. In years past, Tiger Woods has driven TV ratings. It is fairly obvious that Tiger Woods has not been playing up to his superior level as of late. Whether it is related to his age, recent personal turmoil, or other factors, he just hasn’t been the same Tiger.

The final round of the Farmers Insurance Open, which aired on CBS, was reportedly up nearly 60 percent from a year ago. Tiger was playing in this tournament but only finished tied for 44th in the event. The first PGA Tour event of the year shown on The Golf Channel was up nearly 40 percent from the previous year.

The commissioner of the PGA Tour Tim Finchem has said that although the boost in ratings is good news, the sport of golf relies much less on ratings numbers than other television programs.

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