Valentine’s Day Ideas

Please do not get the wrong idea as you read this article. I have been happily married to the love of my life for fifteen years. We are not a mainstream couple by any means. We share a deep intrinsic connection that is bolstered on a daily basis through actions and the mutual respect of a profound partnership. I am not inherently a cynic, as this article will most likely portray.

Valentine’s Day has always been in my opinion an abhorrent and almost derisive invention created to promote what is the least important in any relationship, the token of affection. The majority of gifts that are given on Valentine’s Day are intended to be tokens of affection. A token can be defined as an outward sign, a symbol, a souvenir, or a small part representing the whole. Herein lies the problem. Relationships that ultimately fail can most likely be traced back to years of nothing but tokens – small parts, symbols, and souvenirs, instead of the real thing. Here are three simple things that we do twice a week that have helped keep our marriage running strong for fifteen years.

Wash each others hair and feet – These actions can be extremely humbling, sexy, and fulfilling.

Take a walk hand in hand, until you both teeter on the brink of exhaustion – This enhances the human bond between lovers and is also good for your individual mental and physical health.

Tell a story to one another – This can be a true story or a totally fabricated one. Either way it promotes dialogue and usually ends up in non-stop laughter.

Hopefully you have a wonderful chocolate, flower, and greeting card free Valentine’s Day!

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