Gulf Coast Residents Voice Their Opinions On Final Claims Methodology

Recently, the GCCF released a statement regarding a proposed methodology that would be used to calculate final payments due to the BP Oil Spill on the Gulf Coast. They have also started a public forum on their website to let Gulf Coast residents voice their opinions on the proposed methodology.

These public responses over the past week have been a good indicator of the overall mood and state of the Bp Oil Spill victims. According to the majority of the responses, Gulf Coast residents are fed up with the whole process. The GCCF, which is administered by Ken Feinberg, released a proposed methodology that has been picked apart by Gulf Coast business owners and individuals alike.

The biggest problem according to many of the responses to the proposed methodology for final payment calculation is that it does not take into consideration the many different circumstances that differ from business to business, and person to person. From reading the forum, many people feel that the proposed methodology will not nearly compensate them for past and future losses due to the BP Oil Spill.

Some Gulf Coast residents are questioning the motives of this public forum and whether or not it is just a stall tactic by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. Reading these posts, it seems clear that there is a growing desperation among many affected by the Oil Spill.

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8 Comments on "Gulf Coast Residents Voice Their Opinions On Final Claims Methodology"

  1. Well I finally received my determination letter which stated “You are eligible for compensation blah blah blah.. scroll down to the page with the amount and there is a big fat 0 in the slot.
    I call to find out why and how this could be and why request information if it will not be used in the ‘method’….I sent it all that what was requested, even though it is what BP requested, it was not what they needed.?????????? Also the fact that I made more money in 2011 is reason for penalty and the fact I did not live in the ‘territory’ for claims in 2008! What does 2008 really have to do with my loss income for 2010? And why 2009? Why say they will not factor in Unemployment claims yet use mine to calculate for the first 3 months of 2010? It seems BP is backstepping as fast as they can. I am now going to do what each and every other person in my situation has done, (10 persons that I know of)Go to a consultant who only requires your Earnings Transcript for 2010 and the first half of 2011 and a valid state DL. Each person who has paid someone 8.25% of their claim have received twice what they were offerred. So what is going on?

  2. a stupid american | March 4, 2011 at 8:30 pm | Reply

    I just received my final payment OFFER from gccf. And as a gulf coast resident I am here to say, WHAT A JOKE. I am negative 41,000$ The accountant working on my claim is incompetent. They claim my annual income for 2009 is 1500.00$ They claim they have no w2’s for 2009 nor any info documenting my 2009 income, which is a load of you know what. I received a EAP of 11,600$. And a payment explanation, which documents my 2009 earnings as noted on my 2009 w2. Which was 24,000$ Now where does this annual income of 1500.00$ come into existence? They told me they have no documentation of any 2009 income except one check stub. A stub that noted my income for 2 weeks, 1500 $ They used that number to calculate my claim? Not the year to date amount of 5,000$ GCCF you have raised a red flag for me. Does the GCCF think we the AMERICAN population is stupid? Yes, they do. Did they think I would take thier 5,000$ offer without looking at their math, YES. And as look over this explanation of the offer It seems to me they are just subtracting my 2010 income from my 2009 income and doubling it. There is only a 3,000$ difference. Because all though my income drastically declined. They don’t take into account my rent never declined. Nor did ANY of my bills. SO yes B.P I worked my butt off 6 days a week for months. My hours nearly doubled in 2010. How do you reimburse that B.P. Where is your methodology for that? I have my own accountant looking over your so called “offer” and next it will be a lawyer. Thanks Kenneth for all your help, but I faithfully decline your humorous offer.

  3. guess who’s been eating lobster for lunch and rib eyes for dinner?

    this guy.

    there is such thing as a free lunch. there’s also free dinner too. ohhhh yaaaaaa

  4. unknown in the panhandle | February 9, 2011 at 4:37 pm | Reply

    wow you Mr .Feinberg make more than the president of the united states .It must be really nice . When all is said and done I hope all that money is worth it and hopefully it will buy you and your family much peace happiness, health . May you or yours never have to lose it all or give up your health or whats most important to you . I hear money don`t buy it all . I know its mighty handy but it don`t buy it all and greed never works . I hope you grow a heart and do the right thing .

  5. well i would like to say how can u and yr experts know whats gonna happen next yr u have no idea and u know it how can u offer a final payment and expect us to settle when u r not even offering us nothing to settle for u want to figure our losses then times that by 2 then deduct what we already recieved that doesnt even seem to be close to being fair bp set aside 20billion so use for us

  6. Mr. Feinberg. Why do you insist on thinking we are all uneducated people on the gulf coast? Well sir, we are not! You have no idea what will happen when a hurricane stirs the bottom of the gulf(and oil). And you have not taken into consideration that even with no oil on the beach…the scare of it has taken so many tourists away from our area. Oh, but you gave the city here a LARGE lump sum to promote our area in hopes they will all come back here. Well what about the little people here. Your plan for us…2 years minus the first emergency payment. And you call that fair. Sir, you just keep collecting your ENORMOUS paycheck, drive your fancy car right up to your fancy house and eat your gourmet meals and sleep with no stress that your bills are all behind. Thanks for another stressful day and sleepless night. Please bring our faith back into the gccf system because YOU KNOW THE FINAL PAYMENT SYSTEM IS NOT FAIR TO US! Thank you even though I know all our comments aren’t going to do a darn thing to change your mind. Is this another ploy sir?

  7. I had so much faith in the gccf system until filing my final claim in October. I kept calling the gccf # and asking questions about how long it will take, the process, do they have all my documents,the protical etc. They even had me checking my mail for an offer that should be there within a few days. I called again 3 weeks ago when a man on the line told me they all had been lying to me and alot of other claimants. He also said that they were more than likely told to lie just to appease all of us. I just cried. I thanked him for being honest and he apologized for all the crap the gccf has put me through on the phone. And now; Mr. Feinberg wants to throw out a payment system that is a slap in our face. Oh and wants to deduct the emergency offer we were given. This is ridiculous.

  8. From what I have read there has been only 1 mysterious Final Payment, that BP or Feinburg doesn’t want to elaborate on. I want to know when these Final Payments they keep talking about are going to begin going out. This just keeps dragging on and on and the people of the Gulf Coast are continuing to suffer. Stop looking for excuses or comments and start making payments. I can’t speak for everyone, but for myself, I am about 2 steps away from being homeless. I cannot afford many more of these stall tactics. Just pay what you promised for goodness sakes. It has been almost a year since the spill and I have yet to see the first dime !!! i have submitted my final claim with every piece of documentation you asked for, but still nothing.

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