Obesity Rate Climbing

This should not come as surprising news to anybody that the worldwide obesity rate is climbing. New studies show that the obesity rate has nearly doubled worldwide since 1980. Even though the average weight has been climbing, some studies have shown that at least in wealthier nations, blood pressure and cholesterol levels have remained somewhat controlled. This may be attributed to advances in medicine and increased awareness about the dangers of high blood pressure and cholesterol.

There are various factors that have been known to contribute to obesity. Some of these should be fairly obvious.

Lack of exercise – Many people know that they are lacking sufficient exercise but still do not get it. They usually have an excuse prepared which may or may not be legitimate. Weight gain happens when an individual consumes more calories than they need. Exercise is a main combatant against unused calories.

Fast Food – It’s convenient, fairly inexpensive, and when overindulged, generally considered bad for your health.

Portion sizes – Many people believe that over time the increase in portion sizes of meals has had an impact on excessive weight gain.

Snacks – Snacking can be one of the sneakiest contributors to unwanted weight gain.

Other factors can include uncontrollable causes such as diseases, medication, or emotional disorders.

Many people know the causes for obesity but it seems that few are actually motivated to make the necessary changes to combat it. The struggle moving forward is to find a solution to combat this problem, which is quickly becoming a national epidemic.

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