GCCF Providing Some Clarity on Denied Emergency Claims

Ken Feinberg and The Gulf Coast Claims Facility are trying to shed some light as to why thousands of emergency claims were denied without reason over the past few months. An unexpected number of emergency claims were filed leading up to the November 23rd deadline for victims of the BP oil spill. An influx of last minute claims bogged down the GCCF and as a result thousands were denied daily, many without explanation.

The GCCF is now attempting to provide claimants a reason for denial. Claimants who were denied an emergency payment, can now log back into the GCCF website to view a detailed explanation. This is an ongoing process so many will not yet have this information available.

Feinberg recently completed a town hall tour of the damaged coast lines of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, speaking to the locals about the claims process. Claimants who were lucky enough to receive an emergency payout, have several options for final and interim payments. Of the 168,000 claimants, almost 60,000 have opted for the Quick Pay option which offers $5k for individuals and $25k for businesses. Those who choose this option waive their rights to sue BP. Feinberg stated that the process is working and that he is doing the best he can under difficult circumstances.

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3 Comments on "GCCF Providing Some Clarity on Denied Emergency Claims"

  1. “Feinberg stated that the process is working and that he is doing the best he can under difficult circumstances.” Obviously not. Why are we being denied because of the “difficult” circumstances BP and GCCF have created?

  2. Yeah, I was told I did not provide enough proof of loss. Not really sure how that’s possible. Feinberg is a joke as is this whole fund. Those of us who didn’t receive an emergency payment won’t see a dime from the final payment…

  3. I took a look at my claim the other day that was denied and saw that information. For one you’ll miss it if you aren’t looking for it. I think this is probably intentional. Secondly, it stated that my claim was denied because I didn’t provide proof of income from Jan-May of last year. I guess weekly paystubs were not enough?

    I’ve resubmitted for a final review claim but am not holding my breath. If i do get anything from the GCCF I’m guessing it won’t be until next summer.

    Anyone else get bogus reasoning for denial?

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