Where to Find the Best After-Christmas Deals

Retailers are trying to finish off the calendar year strong by offering significant after-Christmas discounts. Many of the deals are available online which will be beneficial to those on the east coast who are preparing for a winter storm set to make landfall later today.

Some of the retailers offering the best discounts include Walmart, Best Buy, Sears and Target. Many items will be placed on clearance throughout the stores and it will be best to arrive early for the largest selection. Other clearance items will only be available online.

Best Buy is running a 2-day sale which has a number of popular items at reduced cost including an Acer 21.5” wide-screen LCD monitor for just $119.99. Several high-definition camcorders are $50 off which are available online only.

Walmart’s year-end clearance is often the best time to find everyday items at greatly discounted prices. In-store as well as online deals will be available throughout the week.

Target is also having its year-end clearance event which offers up to 65% discounts on everything from furniture to toys to electronics. These sales are available both online and in-store as well.

Sears has a number of items on clearance including the Craftsman 255 pc. Mechanics Tool Set with Lift Top Storage Chest for only $189.99. This is $110 off the normal price.

Bargain hunters will also have to contend with shoppers returning Christmas gifts today and the rest of the week. Retailers advise to beat the crowds by getting to the stores, or getting online early before the popular items sell out.

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4 Comments on "Where to Find the Best After-Christmas Deals"

  1. I found that the malls weren’t half as bad as I expected. There were a lot of people but not an insane amount. Every single store had a sale of at least 50% off. Well worth the trip to brave the weather!!

  2. I see that Best Buy has music on sale…who still buys cds and dvds? It also seems as though they are always putting their Insignia items on sale. Is this the only place where you can buy that brand? I don’t think i’ve ever seen it anywhere else…

  3. Best Buy also has a ton of clearance and open-box items. This is the time of year where i really miss circuit city or any real electronics competitor

  4. I went to Walmart and Target this morning and both were a mad house. I’m not sure if it’s because 18 inches of snow is expected and people are doing the usual freak out before a storm or what. Great deals are available though and a scored a blender for like 75% off. The rest of my shopping this week will be done from a computer. This is clearly the best time of year to score big on random items

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