Gulf Claims Final Payment Instructions To Be Released Friday

Gulf residents are eagerly awaiting the final payment instructions from Ken Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility which are expected to be released Friday. According to the GCCF website, the documents will be available on the web and will be mailed to claimants by Friday, December 17th.

The GCCF has promised greater transparency with the final claim process after severe critizism from local government and businesses after they were inundated with emergency claims over the past few months. While many individuals and businesses received emergency money, thousands of deserving others have yet to receive a cent.

The GCCF has not been forthcoming with how they determine payouts and have failed in many cases to provide a reason for a denial of a claim. The information being released Friday should provide some insight into the process.

Individuals and businesses will be able to choose from a lump final payment, intermin payments or a final “quick payment” option as well. The “quick payment” does not require individuals or businesses to submit further documentation. If claimaints choose this option, individuals will be paid $5,000 and businesses will receive $25,000. This is a final payment and the right to sue BP will be waived.

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  1. Yes it is true that the GCCF has released a set of rules for establishing loss from the man made environmental & economic disaster that has crippled most of the business and family life on the shores of the Gulf Coast communities. A disaster that the client of the GCCF, BP, has been attempting to distance itself from with a concentrated media blitz that even included our President supposedly swimming on a beach that previously seen oil on the sand.

    The amazing Mr. Kenneth Feinberg was charged by the President with bringing a swift and impartial claim process to help Gulf Coast Families and businesses to begin the healing process. He was introduced by all the alphabet networks as well as the cablle news giants, as well as NPR and C-Span as the only man who could bring justice to the gulf coast.

    During a July 2010 appearance on NBC, Meet the Press with host Dick Gregory, Mr. Feinberg stated in no uncertain terms that he was in charge and that he was beholding to on one, not President Obama or BP.

    Since July, the speculation that Mr. Feinberg was not only not his own man, not independent but actually in the corner of BP started to be speculated.

    Speculate no more, according to Mr. Feinberg’s very own works his very job as administrator depends on making the President and, you guessed it, BP happy.

    On November 29th, 2010 while appearing on the MSNBC, “Morning Joe, ” lite News program, Mr. Feinberg was asked if he planned on completing the entire 36 months that the program was scheduled to terminate at. His words could not have been any clearer and could not have contradicted the previous three months of Media speak from Mr. Feinberg and his supporters

    Mr. Feinberg stated, ” I server at the pleasure of the President and BP.”

    Since it is now revealed that Mr. Feinberg servers at the pleasure of BP, it makes perfect sense to have a Claim denial rate of just under 66%. What better way to make BP happy than by refusing to pay claims, and start rumors that there are massive fraud being perpetrated by the VICTIMS of the man-made disaster, BP.

    I finish with a Final submission in a few weeks, but at least now I know where as a Claimant I stand, and where as the defendant, and client of the Law Firm, Feinberg & Rozen, BP is positioned.

  2. I’m not sure what more could be asked for in the final instructions. I’ve provided over 200 documents and about 10 more than break down and explain each one. I received a monthly payment back in August but was then told I was denied.

    When i got the letter last week it was truly devastating. We’re shutting down our business in January and moving to Atlanta to start over…

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