Gulf residents still await claim payments as long winter approaches

While Ken Feinberg and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility continue to dole out emergency money for loss of income claims in the Gulf region due to the BP oil spill, many deserving individuals and businesses are being overlooked or denied.

As of December 4th, 157,690 emergency payments have been issued totaling $2.2 billion. The number of denied payments has increased dramatically over the past couple weeks totalling 173,709 according to the GCCF website. The GCCF has done well to work through the flood of last minute claims that arrived shortly before the November 23rd deadline.  Unfortunately this means that many of the claims have been denied.  It is expected that the GCCF will address the remaining 32,ooo pending claims over the next week or two.

Where does that leave those that have been denied that are deserving of a claim? A long winter awaits as the tourists won’t likely return until next March or April, if they do at all next year. The lingering affects of the oil are yet to be seen in the region and jobs simply are not available for those looking to supplement their income.

Becki Sandling, a waitress in Orange Beach says “I was denied an emergency claim this week while other co-workers received money months ago. I’ve had to move back home because of the oil”.

Individuals and businesses that were denied an emergency claim, can still file for a final payment once the information is released by the GCCF, likely in the next couple weeks.

“A payment 3-4 months from now does me no good, I’ll already be bankrupt and drowning in bills”, added Sandling.

Gulf residents can only hope that Ken Feinberg and the GCCF come through with the final payments as promised.

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  1. I received an emergency payment for 6 months but that was back in September. I usually have 5-10 thousand saved up to get me through the winter here in Gulf Breeze. The emergency payment was about a third of what i actually lost and now come jan i won’t be able to pay rent. i’m not holding my breath on any final claim either. who knows what will happen with that.

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