Gulf Coast Claims Facility Final Claims Protocol Now Available

Ken Feinberg and the GCCF have released the protocol for filing interim and final payments for loss of income due to the BP oil spill. The November 23rd deadline for filing an emergency claim has passed and the final forms and instructions will become available within the next two weeks according to the GCCF website.

For the final payment, applicants are required to submit a claim form to the GCCF. The GCCF will then review the claim and mail an offer back to the claimant within 3 months. The claimant will then have 3 months to review the offer and decide whether to accept or not. Accepting the offer will require the claimant to sign a release waiving rights to take legal action against BP. Once the offer is accepted, the payment will be received within 14 days.

The final and interim claims can be filed either via the website, by mail or at a local claims office. Full details on the Final Protocol are available on the GCCF website.

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  1. I had both my business and personal claim denied yesterday. Both stating that the GCCF did not find that losses were incurred due to the oil spill. What?! I had a stack of documents proving so but apparently they are just going through and denying all claims right now. This just sucks for when filing the final claims because i’m sure they’ll look more favorably and pay out quicker to those that received emergency money. I got 2 more months before i lose my business, house and all that i’ve worked my whole life for. time to move on i suppose….

    • me too bro. i am a commercial diver .i work on all the bs out there, but because they could not read some of the pages on my tax transcripts( signed and stamped by IRS ) they denied my claim as of today 12//9 . i have now contacted the law firm of denise and hall. good luck i would advise u to do the same .. call or text i will give info 503-278-2562

  2. it really is a shame that people like me lost out on earnings and they are gettin paid still.

  3. 3 months under review, claims supposedly escalated 9 time to adjusters over the past 2 months. Found out today that a supervisor has to sign off on an escalation before it’s escalated. Apparently the supervisors didn’t get the memo because all 9 escalations were not signed off by a supervisor. So my claim is sitting dormant. GCCF is a joke! These people have no one to answer to. They send feinburg out to make promises and tell lies and to seem like he cares to the public. He stated back on september 17th that ” he was caught up on the backlog and satistying his worst critics” It’s november 24th exactly 3 months after i filed my claim and I’ve been lied to more times than you could imagine and have no confidense that I’ll ever see a penny from gccf. They said 48 hours and it’s been 3 months, at this point I’m going to sue British Petroleum and not deal with GCCF anymore.

  4. I’ve been waiting for 3 months and still under review. I’ve spoken to gccf 1000 times in the last three months. In the beginning the operators and supervisors would tell you to be patient and the adjutors were working hard to get claims processed. Now the operators and supervosors just opologise and say they don’t understand why it’s taking so long either. You have no option but to sue BP, because gccf isn’t doing anything with the cliams. This feinburg guy is a joke and is being paid well to take the fall for BP. If you notice BP is no longer the talk of the town, GCCF is now what everyone is complaining about. Sue BP and don’t even waist your time with GCCF, because you won’t get anything from them.

  5. Does anyone know what happens now to those of us who have waited 3 months to receive an emergency payment? Can we now file for the final or do we still wait for this “under review” status to change?

    I’m hoping those of us who haven’t received anything yet won’t be forgotten….

    • Wait until your Emergency Payment is approved or denied before following through with the Final Claim. The GCCF just got back-logged with many claims and are almost caught up. No matter if your Emergency claim was approved or denied, you will still be able to file for a Final Claim…but just have a little more patience and wait for your “under review” status to change.

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