Gulf Coast BP Claims Process Slowed due to False Claims

Over the past four weeks the turnaround time for processing a 6 month emergency claim with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has slowed significantly. This is largely due to the number of false or undocumented claims that have been submitted online.

As of November 1, there are 152,808 claims that require further information while 93,601 of those contain no supporting materials at all. So where are the claims coming from? Many are from the Gulf Coast but others are from all over the country. Word spread in early October as individuals began seeing money coming in. The online process, which only requires a few forms filled out, is being inundated with claims, many from people who are undeserving.

Many foreigners, many who are not in the country legally, are filing claims indicating that they are U.S citizens and received funds of up to $20,000. The sentiment around the Gulf right now is that everyone deserves something.

Some individuals and businesses received generous sums while others were either denied or given a very small amount. Because the claims are not being processed locally, it is difficult for a claims facility in Ohio to determine what is deserved and what is legit.

“On September 14th I filled out the online form, attached a couple pay stubs and a W-2 and received a check for $12,000 the four days later”, stated a hostess from Destin, Florida.

What is considered adequate proof is also a question that the Gulf Coast Claims Facility has not clearly answered. While they indicate that proof is required to received a claim, there is no reported objective formula for determination.

When those kinds of checks start rolling in, it’s no surprise that everyone wants a piece of the action.

November 23rd is the deadline for filing a 6 month emergency payment, after which individuals and businesses can file for the final claim.

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18 Comments on "Gulf Coast BP Claims Process Slowed due to False Claims"

  1. What kills me … i waited couple months for emergency payment… i never received letter needing more documentation so i figured claim under review and never did get letter they must have all they need because i sent in a good bit and even illustrated on graphs my income loss and how oil spill affected me.. today i call like every other day and every day the operator tells me everything looks great its just waiting on adjuster to pay you and since u never received a letter saying u need more doc u are good to go.. TODAY I CALL.. website still says under comp review, operator tells me that a denial letter was sent out… ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!! this is not acceptable and enough is enough!!!! the operator could not tell me what the letter said nothing only that it was denied!!!!.. she also said for me to file a final payment claim.. THis is what is going on.. they are denying emergency because they want us to file final payment and sign out rights away because we are so desperate to have compensation… So the mind frame of this sick evil cult is.. why pay the emergency claims.. deny them and they will file for final payment because they need it and as of now they are denied and feel desperate!!!! As far as the robots ans the phone hell get rid of that BS because they have no info and really if i needed a shrink i would get one.. its all a big disgusting lying manipulated cult and i hope and pray one day that bald headed greedy what ever he is feels first hand what all of us has felt with losing our lives, homes cars etc… one wish that i could be there and watch his calculating ass fall because i would spit on him and pour a big bottle of black motor oil all over him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was denied emergency payment, with no explanation, and was told to file a final claim. My business is already ruined and creditors call all day. I am frustrated that some people seem to get payments that dont deserve it and others more than they deserve and people like me that have received nothing. Response to Rick’s post, there are other people that depend on tourism and local jobs to do business besides fishermen. And how can you say that most businesses are doing fine? Did you look at their books? Someone who visits down here for a little while has no business saying that all is well and stop whining! Second job? You must have not spent much time on your evaluation tour to see that one job is hard to find, much less a second!

  3. I find it interesting how all these gulf residents feel entitled to some of the BP money. I was in Florida for a while this summer and I can say that most businesses were doing fine. Bartenders getting 20k for an emergency payment?! Please, this is the most money they’ll ever see in their bank account and are now lucky to have been in that area when this happened.

    In my book, the only deserving claimants are the fishermen. Everyone else can just suck it up and get a second job for one summer for crying out loud. Enough whining already, please.

    • Rick,
      You are the only person on here who is being realistic.
      I actually did lose my job in May due to the slow business.
      It was a rough summer and I did file a claim, but
      I sure am not counting on anything.
      Enough whining already is right.
      I agree with your assessment that the fishermen
      are the only ones that REALLY need the money
      and deserve it.

  4. I’ve recieved 3 different letters asking for 3 different supporting materials. Two weeks time passed between each one I got in the mail. The last one was them asking for a map of my employee’s location. Can they not use the zip code to determine this? I wouldn’t be surprised if they start paying out final claims before people like us haven’t recieved a cent.

    I’m looking forward to what the deal is now that the 23rd deadline is up. Hopefully they’ll move through these last claims!!

  5. Gulf Coast Lady | November 16, 2010 at 4:53 am | Reply

    Most of my co-workers submitted claims and have received them already. Mine is going on 2wks and the sites still says no supporting documents. They e-mailed me saying give them time to upload my documents to my file. Does it really take a week to do that? Also, anyone submitting false claims will have to pay that money back. Some people in my area have been arrested for filing false claims. Just keep trying. Other than the waiting, my contact with the GCCF has been pleasant.

  6. Call: (877) NCDF GCF (623-3423)
    Fax: (225) 334-4707
    Write: National Center for Disaster Fraud / Gulf Coast
    Post Office Box 4909
    Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4909

  7. Charlotte – I think this is normal. I submitted my business claim and waited 2 weeks before confirming. Then another 2 weeks before they told me they needed more information. I’ve now sent the reqested info via email and regular mail….I don’t expect confirmation for at least another week or two.

    Don’t lose hope!!

  8. Charlotte Crist | November 7, 2010 at 1:19 pm | Reply

    I submitted my claim for profit and loss of a business and overnighted it to the stated location over a week ago and my claim status STILL reads…no supporting documentation submitted…! I’ve called twice and left messages, with no response so far and I’ve e mailed them twice, with only an acknowledgement that they have received my e mail and will respond if there was a question. YES, there is a question…did you receive my documentation or not! I smell a rat.

  9. Thanks for the advice Tee, we will all keep the faith and get through this disaster!

  10. Keep the faith, I was once denied and later under review again! If you want progress, send a letter to the head office and let him know what’s on your mind and that you deserve to have your claim re-evaluated!

    I know it sounds like a pain in the rear, but the more letters he get’s, the better! Flood his office, tell your friends that may be experiencing the same thing. He has a job to do and he needs to make sure that it is being done! The deal is this, everyone within a 60mile radius was supposed to be able to file a clim! The fact that they have let so may fraudulent claims through is not our problem!!! Do something about it, you can get the number from teh head office on the site! Demand that your claim be rereviewed if it has been denied and id under review, demand that he investigate why it’s taking so longg! Faith without works is not faith at all, excercise your faith!

  11. I heard that they will be hiring locals for dealing with the final payments…Hopefully this will help make things more fair. A hostess at our restaurant got about that same amoutn as well. Who is getting what makes no sense at all. How much would a hostess make in an entire year making $8 an hour? I was denied my 6 months payment for no clear reason at all. I guess I’ll keep calling and harrassing like everyone else trying to figure out how to pay their bills

  12. My wife and I work the exact same job and the exact same hours. We filed identical claims together with identical documentation. She received her claim 4 days after filing and mine is still under review. this was about 3 weeks ago…so clearly it must all depend on who picks up the claim since there can’t be a clear process in place.

  13. Peachie I feel your pain down here in Gulf Shores. I was one of the first to file a claim at our bar on the beach and was “awarded” $2,000. Other co-workers claimed ridiculous amounts upwards of 20k and some received that much! We all do the exact same job and work the same hours. I guess it all just depends on which claim worker you get assigned to your case. In my case, I wasn’t as lucky as others.

  14. Yep…all my coworkers got paid, I work side by side with them and got denied. It’s all stuck now…I have resubmitted more documentation for a valid claim and pray that they reconsider. I was told to wait till the final claim…but they have already denied my valid claim so…how is that gonna work? I am sleeping on a friends couch, still working but cannot afford to go to the doctor even tho I have health benefits. Barely making enough to put gas in car and eat. Car insurance is about to be cancelled….STRESSED OUT to the MAX.

  15. I would like to know what they are doing about the fraud reported. I have some Czech friends who told me how a friend of theirs in Chicago heard about how easy it was and filed a claim. While they were talking on the phone, he saw a deposit of 10k go into his account. He’s never even been to the Gulf Coast. How is this possible?!

    I’m starting to see what the Katrina victims had to deal with now…

  16. I agree I live in pensacola and work in orange beach and have worked on the beach for three years. I received a small payment for the 6 month emergency payment and other employees at the same establishment that I work at and we work the same amount of hours and make the same amount of money received double. When I brought this to the attention of the gccf by email they responded saying I could file a final claim. My question is how at this point could they possibly determine a final claim. There is no way to know at this point if the next year or the year after is going to be affected.

  17. How is all of the fraud going widely unreported?? Just walk into any restaurant on the Gulf Coast and ask the foreigners how much money they got. 90% of these workers in the tourist towns have overstayed their visas and are here illegally! A handful from a restaurant I frequent in Fort Walton Beach say that they have received the 6 months payment and once they get the final payment they will just head back to their country. Is this was Feinberg and the GCCF deem as fair?? I have life long Gulfers who have received nothing for their claims and who have supplied ample proof. Perhaps there’s some magic formula but who knows…it’s not like you can actually get anyone on the phone over there.

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