Granville Harvest Fair, New England at its best

Granville Harvest Fair

It’s that time of year again in New England. The time of year when the crisp, cool, air puts you in the mood for certain smells, tastes, and experiences. Cravings for apple cider, pumpkin pies, maple sugar candy, and gumbo soup are luring people from all parts of the country to a little town in Western Hamden County.

It’s a yearly tradition for many families to visit the Harvest Fair in Granville, Massachusetts. The fair is full of delicious food, unique gifts and crafts, fun exhibits, and harvest traditions. Be sure to stop at the Granville Village School to view local artists and crafters. You will have your choice of delicious foods and tasty home-baked deserts for dinner. Don’t leave there without trying their famous Gumbo Soup and Macaroni and Cheese.

Once your belly is full, take the short walk along Main Road to the Town Green where you can buy everything from Maple Syrup and Maple Cotton Candy to pulled pork sandwiches and fried dough. Make sure you try the famous meatball subs and chili sponsored by the Granville Fire Department. Step back in time with a memorable visit to the old fashioned Granville Village Store, known for its world famous cheese. The store is a proud landmark in Granville that offers sights, sounds, and delicious aromas in a quaint building.

Hop a ride on one of the three town shuttle buses that will take you up the hill, past picturesque apple orchards and historical homes to the Old Meeting House. The Meeting House is a beautiful historic building, great for photographs, and full of stunning quilts, unique crafts, and comfort foods.

Finish up the Harvest Fair experience by visiting Harvest Hill Farm and Granville Gallery where you will feel as if you have taken a time machine to a different era. Old-fashioned cider making is the main attraction at the top of the hill where you can watch and take part in the pressing of the cider. Kids of all ages love helping throw apples into the grinder and then having a yummy cup of the freshest cider you can buy. Bag your own apples and enjoy a homemade donut while taking in the beautiful scenery and fall foliage.

The Granville Harvest Fair runs every Columbus Day Weekend from Saturday through Monday.

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  1. We had such an amazing time at the fair this year. Such a great time and hidden gem for those who have never been!!

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