Lucky Missouri man wins lottery twice

The odds of winning a million dollars in the United States are exorbitant. The odds of winning a million dollar prize twice, well, are beyond what odds makers would consider lucky.

That is just what a Missouri man did however on September 17th winning the $2 million jackpot with the Mega Monopoly scratch ticket. Several months ago in June, Ernest Pullen of Bonne Terre, Missouri won $1 million on a 100 Million Dollar Blockbuster scratch ticket.

Pullen opted for the one-time payment for each ticket taking in $700,000 for the first one and $1.3 million for the second.
When asked what Pullen will do with the money he calmly stated that he’ll use the money to fix up his new house.

He simply considers himself a lucky guy and also added, “My wife said she’s winning the next time.”

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