Boston Red Sox season comes down to tonight’s game

Boston Red Sox season comes down to tonight's game

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The Boston Red Sox will look to complete a three game sweep against the New York Yankees this evening in the Bronx. The Red Sox will be hoping to hold on for dear life in the wild card race and can pull themselves back into the equation with a win.

Boston is five games back in the loss column with eight to play while the Yankees have seven left. If Boston were to win today, that would put them four games back in the loss column with three head to head games scheduled for next weekend at Fenway.

All Boston is hoping for is a chance next weekend.  A chance would mean three games back with three to play. 

Losing today’s game would all but mathematically oust the Red Sox from playoff contention as Boston looks to Dice-K Matsuzaka to shut down the struggling Yankees.

While it’s not time for the Yankees to hit the panic button yet, if Boston pitchers can do what they were supposed to do all season over the next seven days, we may be seeing some excitement at Fenway in October.

After throwing 7 shutout innings on Saturday, Lester was asked about his thoughts on making a late playoff run, “weirder things have happened in baseball. We’ve got four more against the Yankees, and we’ll see”.

If the Red Sox are able to trim another 2.5 games before next weekend, thoughts of the 2004 World Championship series comeback will be on everyone’s mind.

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  1. Dice-K has been suspect at best all season, Yanks will blow them out and shut the door tonight!!

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