Similac baby formula recall upsets parents

A recall has been issued for 5 million cans of the popular baby formula brand, Similac.  The formula affected is the powdered version found in rectangular cans produced in one company plant in Michigan.   Abbott Laboratories issued the recall after finding evidence of beetles in some of the Similac cans.

While the beetles pose no immediate health concern, the beetle larva, if congested, could affect a baby’s gastrointestinal tract.  Possibly causing them to lose their appetite and stop eating, according to the FDA.

The Similac website and phone lines were swamped by concerned parents immediately following the recall and many had a difficult time determining if their formula had been affected.  The company did not have the affected Lot Numbers readily available nor the capacity for the bandwidth that ensued after the press release.

A specific website has now been set up by Abbott so that parents can put the Lot Number located at the bottom of the can into the search box to see if they have a contaminated version.

Scores of parents across social media networks such as Facebook have voiced their discontent and are blaming the formula for their baby’s discomfort.

“My 1 yr old has the symptoms. I am fuming mad that some people are taking this lightly”, said Victoria Boccoleri on a Facebook Similac Recall page.

Most of the Similac formula that is being recalled was distributed in the United States, however Similac formula is distributed to over 130 countries worldwide.

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