Oridion’s Study for the Integrated Pulmonary Index

Oridion is a company famous for producing revolutionary medical devices. Their main focus is creation of devices useful in monitoring patient’s safety like observing the carbon dioxide contents in the patient’s breath. These devices are extensively used in clinics, intensive care units, ambulances etc.

Oridion came up with a study that could help fulfill the medical requirements of the armed forces. They formulated an index that gives an overall status of the patient’s respiration. The index is calculated based on integration of four parameters including the pulse rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation and the carbon dioxide. The single index thus obtained quickly provides the overall picture of the patient’s condition and helps in determining what actions need to be taken immediately to help him recover.

This index is most useful for pre-hospitalized army men. On the battle field, paramedics can use this value to identify how critical is the condition of the patient and assists in deciding the immediate action to be taken.

This index is useful in cases where clinicians or the frontline paramedics are not very well aware of the complex parameters and fail to identify the actual cause of the problem faced by the patient. Using this single value, they will be well-equipped to identify the criticality of the patient’s state and provide treatment before the condition gets worse.

This study will be of great importance in the military world, where many army men lose their lives in the battle field without getting timely treatment.

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