IE9 Doing Away With The Web Browser, Saving the Web?

Internet Explorer 9 came out in beta form today, and it seems that they following the same trend that we’re seeing in other web browsers.  A stripped down IE9 made it’s way onto the hard drives of users in San Francisco today and it seems that this is the way of the web, according to Microsoft.  The emphasis for their web browser is shifting to ensure that the user gets what he or she wants, the web, not a browser.

According to Dean Hachamovitch of Microsoft, “People go to the Web for sites, and Web sites have become boxed in by the browser.”

Microsoft is thinking outside of the box, so to speak, and is making sure that it’s latest browser is helping people get the enjoyment from the web that they want.  It’s questionable, however, whether this will change the growing trend in internet usage that has Wired magazine predicting the demise of the web.  If you caught their recent issue that declared that the web was dead, you’d know that they don’t believe that the web as we know it will be an integral part of the way we use the internet for much longer.  According to their report, it seems that apps are quickly becoming king of the hill and the web itself is diminishing in popularity.

It’s plausible that the web’s use over the next few years will decline, people are now spending more time on social networking sites and media sharing sites, such as YouTube, than they are using search, which is a complete 180 from the way we’ve known the web for the last decade or so.  Who’s to say that it won’t go the way of gopher, irc or usenet?  While all three of those still exist, their  use is almost nonexistent, at least among mainstream users, and it’s interesting to think that some predict the web may be headed that way.

While we don’t actually believe that will be the case, it seems that Microsoft feels that they need to inject some fresh blood into their browser with a new facelift.  It still remains to be seen whether they will make users happier with the new version of IE, but it certainly is a nice change from the clunker that we’ve been driving around for the last few  years.

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