Moss Doesn’t Feel Appreciated

In a statement directly after the Patriots’ victory over the Bengals, Randy Moss admitted that he wanted to “feel appreciated” by his “boss”. While he didn’t name anyone directly, and Moss was adamant that he was not trying to disrespect his team, he did tell reporters repeatedly that he wanted to “feel appreciated”.

This was the first time that we’ve heard from Randy Moss this year, and the 33 year old admitted in his statement that he plans on playing out his contract with New England and moving on.  While he did state that he could possibly renew his contract with the Patriots if the opportunity presents itself, he indicated that he was more interested in moving on from the team.

Even though Moss has admitted that he would be moving on, he said that he would be here to “play some good football” and promised not to slack off, despite the decision to make a move from the team.

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  1. Who cares if he doesn’t feel appreciated? He makes so much money, it doesn’t matter. If he wants to know how appreciated he is, he can go to the bank.

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