Vampire Facelift, A New Trend That Doesn’t Suck

“Vampire Facelift” does not indeed engage beauty treatment for fanged persons.

The fresh methods, which are quickly improving fame and advertising, make its vivid name from the detail that it includes taking blood from the enduring and turn on the platelets to generate a strong and ordinary serum that is put into the patient’s facial pelt to produce a further young-looking exterior.
Rene Jaso and David J. Mozersky, panel authorized surgeons and originators of ContourLase Body Institute in San Antonio, denote to the process at their clinic as “G Factor Skin Renewal”.

“It is actually an innovative dealing that brings back young skin with least downtime, small uneasiness, and a pleasant cost,” Dr. Mozersky stated.
“The G Factor facial or ‘Vampire Lift’ is the good result for that thin appearance and dry, aged-appearing skin that everyone obtains when we go through growing older,” he added. “It is a usual, non-shocking way to revitalize your pelt.”

Dr. Mozersky gives details that the G Factor process utilizes the obviously happening proteins in the patient’s individual blood to start the skin renewal procedure at the cellular stage. Cells are re-energized in the profound skin levels and enthused to create hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen, which are the matters answerable for young appearing skin.

“The dermal cells under the skin’s shell start to renew right away next the healing,” Dr. Jaso said. “In few days, the person’s skin will start to appear and sense smoother, brighter, and have a smaller amount wrinkles. Given a few months, proof of the action is in full power, providing the vitality of a young look.”

With regarding to side consequences, patients could feel gentle ruddiness, bulging, staining and slight uneasiness following the therapy, he noted. He warns patients that they could be required to have regular visits for check-ups.

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