Survey Of Downs Syndrome Parents Reveals The Truth

On October 2009, an online survey was done about ‘how parents accepted Down Syndrome Diagnosis on their child’ which earned 500 responses. Researchers at Kansas State University and Texas Tech University found out that the feeling of grieving was eventually replaced with joy and reliance on parent’s part. According to Briana Nelson Goff, associate dean at College of Human Ecology and professor at Kansas State, parents experienced devastation; Down syndrome diagnosis caused shocked, fear and mourning, however those initial feelings altered eventually with good ones. The parents spent more time with their child to lift their spirits and made adjustments, Goff said. However, 20 percent confessed that they have negative experienced during the time including the fact that they have to deal with medical professionals who discuss abortion to justify the means. It appears that abortion is the ‘only’ option for parents with Down syndrome children, thus persuading them to take the choice. This is such a pressure on the parts of parents. The surprising thing is parents with child suffering from Down syndrome over 5 years chose this option than parents with child suffering from this type of syndrome over 20 years.

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