Stonefly Adds New Associate

StoneFly, a major provider of merged IP storage area network (SAN) organisations and a completely-owned auxiliary of Dynamic Network Factory, Incorporation (DNF), has published the latest associate to the StoneFlex Quad Unified Storage & Server (QUSS), Stonefly StoneFlex merchandise class. Connecting bunched memory and hosts into single hardware gadget, the QUSS is perfect for ambitious establishments that are require uniting their datacenter into an Error Tolerant Program.

By the StoneFlex QUSS customers can ascertain absolute hardware use whilst bringing down power/cooling price in addition to as assigning resources to more requiring programs all without the extra price of getting additional hardware tools.

The StoneFlex QUSS basic Unit arrives with a bunched IPSAN. Additionally, what transforms the QUSS incomparable are its two Flex Modules that clients can select and decide to make their surroundings. A few of host modules that are obtainable for QUSS comprise an extra IP SAN Group Manager for additional memory strength, Windows Storage Server (WSS), VMWare Fault Tolerant Cluster to guarantee memory and host integration, Windows Server, Microsoft Groups, Linux Servers in addition to as Tailor-made Servers. This guarantees that the clients host Virtualization and memory demands are coped with all in peerless hardware gadget. QUSS Hardware is crowded with up-to-date and largest technologies to offer the finest imaginable functioning in a most efficient bundle. Technologies like the multi 10Gb Interface, entire defect tolerance, Quad XEON microprocessors and nearly 384GB storage per module are a few of them.

“iSCSI pioneer is increasing its imagination by offering a lone defect tolerant gadget to put up to a total datacenter and offer a firm platform for a Cloud calculating surroundings,” tells Bahman Jalali (B.J.), Manager of Merchandise Administration at Stonefly, “This exclusive gadget provides easy management, and relief of mind by offering surplus parts in all degrees.”

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  1. Terry Washington | September 10, 2010 at 3:38 pm | Reply

    Well, that’s great for them. I’m glad their expanding. We’ve done some business with them and I have to say that they were actually okay to work with. Some companies get by on their advertising, but when you get them into the situation that don’t have the attention to detail that’s required to make things run smoothly, which wasn’t the case with these guys.

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