Doctors Seek Medical Cure For Homosexuality

Bioethicists are charging Dr. Maria New, an endocrinologists and researcher for her first attempt to prevent homosexuality and bisexuality in the mother’s womb. Dr. Maria New of Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Florida International University is trying to treat a certain condition in fetuses called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), which results to girls to be born with vague genitalia. Dr. New is implementing this treatment called dexamethasone for quite a long time in able to prevent homosexuality starting from the mother’s womb.

Persons with CAH, especially the girls have greater rate of being homosexual or bisexual thus, they will tend to like or prefer masculine activities. As it appears to bioethicists, Dr. New is trying to maneuver the operation, implementing dexamethasone to prevent lesbianism or bisexuality. According to US National Institutes of Health, in every 10,000-18,000 children born, only 1 gets the CAH disorder. Children with CAH are found lacking in an enzyme required by the adrenal gland in able to produce pair of hormones called, cortisol and aldosterone. Lack of this certain hormone leads to produce of male sex hormone and androgen, thus the genitals of a girl will look more of a male than a female even though in the inside, it matures normally.

Dr. Maria New denied that she had administered drug to women for the purpose of treating CAH in an unborn child. It’s completely untrue, Dr New tells. However, Dr. New’s website clearly states that she has treated over 600 pregnant women with CAH-affected child, and her services are operating since 1984. This cause an alarm to the bioethicists and other surgeons for this type of treatment is currently experimental or still under analysis. They wanted to gather more details regarding the matter and inform the families.

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