New Weight Loss Study Results

“Arena pharmaceuticals, Inc” WOODCLIFF LAKE and SAN DIEGO, N.J. and “Eisai Inc” have announced the two-year BLOOM’s results. Data that has been presented in article shows that some significant weight loss is caused by the lorcaserin when somebody uses it with the behavioral modification and the protection of the weight loss is also improved as compared to the placebo. The values for the biomarkers have also been improved by Lorcaserin which might have predicted some sort of cardiovascular events in the future that might include levels of lipids, levels of the inflammatory markers, blood pressure and the insulin resistance.

The article’s lead author was “Steven R. Smith, M.D”. Who is the Scientific Director in the “Florida Hospital Translational Research Institute”. All the echo cardiographic evaluations for safety that had been performed in that particular study were overseen by “Neil J. Weissman, M.D,” who is the President of the “MedStar Health Research Institute” and is also a professor in the Medicine field. Both Drs. Weissman and Smith had offered their services as the investigators of the BLOOM.

Dr. Smith said that there was growing and quite a significant need for the options of effective treatment due to which the patients can be helped in reducing their weights in a safe and a well-tolerated way. On average 8.2 percent of the baseline weight was lost by the patients of Lorcaserin who had completed a year of their BLOOM trial and along with these risk-factors of “cardiovascular”, have also been improved.
The President and the Chief Executive of Arena, Jack Lief, said that they have reached one more milestone for the Arena with the BLOOM results’ publication in “New England Journal of Medicine”. The sustained execution of their plans for the lorcaserin is what they are looking forward to along with the interaction with FDA as its appraisal of NDA has been conducted.

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