College Freshmen, Parents Learn To Adjust

College freshmen students leaving home to attend college to pursue their careers and dreams can be very happy and lonesome at the same time. Thus, the school itself offered essential advice to both parents and students on how to adapt with changes. Ryerson University in Toronto offered several expert suggestions.

For students, they advised them to be confident and think positive. Furthermore, students themselves should make a way on how to make new friends, interact with others and explore their university. Calling their respective families is advisable for students whenever they need help. Assignments, projects and school work should never be taken for granted. Students can avoid being homesick by joining clubs, circles and attending events, that way they could meet new people and establish new friendships. Lastly, it is important to keep track of your safety by checking out the school website, programs and school services.

As for parents, it is important to support your teens especially in issues of clothing, academic success and interests. Parents should also send photos and news articles regarding their town to keep their teen updated. Furthermore, guardians or parents should never fret if their teen was issued with drop grades, since their still adapting to workloads. It is also important to let your kid know when you will go for a visit. Writing them a letter is good to, even though they don’t write back. Last but not the least, it is important to discuss school safety with your teens, as well as how to be safe in and out the school property.

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