Golf Fraud, Case Closed

The “working Group” of “Anti-Counterfeiting” reported to the “District Court” of Beijing that they have caught five persons guilt-ridden of selling fake & forged equipment of golf.  Ordering for a total of $54,000 in fines, and court judged the all five of them for great than 1 year of jail.

The Court came to know that the apprehended used had warehouses that contained huge quantities of forged golf equipment being sold in leading golf stores like “prominent Golf Store of Beijing and “Te Qi Qiao” which is a global Center for Commerce. The Chinese PSB officers invaded the potential warehouseswhen they received objections that were registered by the ACG. The Chinese officers captured the almost 2,300 fake gold clubs, caps, accessories and many bags. Most of these captured items were identical fake replicas of the original company’s products.
Nowadays, Counterfeiting is considered as the most serious offense because it rip-offs the basic rights of the owner to use its name in manufacturing original products.

The Group of “Anti-Counterfeiting” includes the world’s pioneering original manufacturers that normally deal with those equipments that are used in the one of the world’s most famous sports named as Golf. The main brand members associated with the ACG are: Acushnet, Callaway Golf, Top-Flite, Ben Hogan; Never Compromise, PING, Nike Golf, and Taylor Made Adidas & Ashworth. The famous group of “Anti-Counterfeiting” was founded in 2004 in a move with the governments to help in getting caught the counterfeit products that are made illegally damaging the original companies introduction. Due to the consequence of this move, many business owners in China have been caught with successful invasions onto their production units and warehouses. Along with that, the criminals have been sentenced to jail by the law enforcement authorities of China.

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