Blackberry Users Get A New Mounting Solution

Bracketron is a pioneering manufacturer of increasing resolutions for the electronics of mobile consumer. The company is presented with the nine new high tech solutions for the BlackBerry lovers including popular models such as the Curve, the Storm and the Tour. The line of solutions, known as the “Hip-Kicker line”, is readily obtainable for the iPhone®by Apple. It is traded as a stand-alone belt clip, and/or with a diversity of removable rising resolutions for the cars, as well as at the windshield and the air vent. All the customers are very much satisfied with the services of our company as satisfaction of our customers is our main objective.

For viewing in portrait or landscape modes, the product comes up with a KickStand option for the peoples ease. Mark Mandel, who is the Executive Vice President of the company, was pleased to introduce his new line of Hip-kickers to add the BlackBerry family as well adding to the features that it offers unmatched options for customers’ vehicles and on the move too. He also said that it was just one of their creative products that are already marketed in the US.

Bracketron was established in the year of 2001 and witnessed immense success at their first product offered in the market known as the custom bezel mount. It was used for the custom rising resolutions for the high end customers. They provide complete guidance to their customers about the usage of the products and precautions through with the loss can be minimized.

Today, Bracketron is the pioneering manufacturer and supplier of accessories and rising resolutions for the cell phone including many high robust product lines like Iphone/ipod family, BlackBerry, GPS, laptops and desktop computers.

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