Americans Opposed To Corporate Tax

A survey conducted by the American Energy Alliance on the American population has reviled the fact that Americans oppose to the law in which companies are taxed double for the profit that they make abroad. The rate of negative answers for this tax goes by 77% of the people that have participated on the survey. The American people however approved with the expansion of the energy power abroad and to the fact that U.S.A. should be more focused on oil production, than to tax companies that by development could bring an economical growth to the country. Apparently the presidential administration wants to pay for pet programs and environmental protection with the money that they can get from oil companies, and this is not very appreciated by the American people.

This new measures that the government is planning to take in 2011, will raise the cost of energy in the United States, will bring more unemployers, due to the companies need to survive and will also have major impact on the society.

Even though the government is trying to get some measures to drop the unemployment rate, the population thinks that this is not a solution. Investing by taking from the counties budget is not an option. The study also revealed the fact that the American people would like for the government to reinforce the existing laws in the energy sector and to boost up production rather those taking new measures that could exterminate some smaller energy producing companies.

The study was assisted by the Save U.S. Energy Jobs and by the American Energy Alliance and proved the fact that Americans don’t like the measures that the presidential commission is going to perform on the America’s budget in 2011. This can lead to a change of legislation, if the people can take measures to influence the governmental decision.

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