Gastrectomy A Success

In United States, the doctors of San Diego successfully removed 20% of a patient’s stomach in a highly special technique. This was noted as the first to try in the US. A sleeve gastrectomy was made thru removing 20% of the patient’s stomach. This is a weight loss procedure that can make the stomach smaller. Thus, a person with smaller stomach tends to feel full most of the time. After a week of surgery, the person can lose two to four pounds. However, the operation looks to risky since it requires five small incisions in the abdomen, to make way for the cameras and device that will enter the abdomen. Then, a little portion of abdomen will be removed. Lastly, they will insert staples to close the stomach. All is part of the laparoscopic surgery. According to Dr. Santiago Horgan, director of UCSD Center for the treatment of Obesity, they wanted to create a way that can offer long-term solutions in losing weight. Eradicating 80 percent of the stomach thru the mouth can lessen the strain of abdomen. The large incision lessens the risk of hernia and reduces great amount of pain. Dr. Horgan told that they are almost there in forming a weigh-loss surgery without leaving scars. American Society for Metabolic and Bariatic Surgery confirmed that the technique is a bariatic surgery due to the fact that it is a first-stage operation for high-risk patients. Nevertheless, most questions are still unanswered as wells as the question about patients who undergo sleeve gastrectomy possibly may go under a second weigh-loss surgery. Still, the surgeons must prove that this sleeve gastrectomy is an effective one that can at least last up to five years, or beyond.

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  1. It’s interesting to see how this stuff evolves. I can’t believe that this is the first time that this has been done successfully. I guess no one has thought of this before.

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