Hubbard Award Honors Writers

Twelve illustrators and winning authors and from worldwide will be privileged on 26th Annual Ron Hubbard accomplishment Awards held at Roosevelt Hotel.

Climax of the ceremonial is a declaration of the two first reward victors will receive worth $ 5,000. The victors will furthermore obtain quarterly cash prizes up to $ 500 to $ 1000 triumphant tales and images will come into view in the yearly collection, Ron Hubbard introduces Illustrators and Writers of the Future, 26 Volume. Furthermore he released an exceptional edition of coffee table publication of Ron Hubbard introduces Writers of the Future: the initial 25 years, pictorial display of 25 years in scuffle, and comprises of more than1000 images.

Throughout the history of the affray 25 years, more than 600 illustrators and authors have been met.” through our finest estimates, “said Anderson from Times of New York; the bestselling author is Dune Prequels for his Edge of world.   The victors have released over 700 books and short stories 3000. Numerous have emerged on the bestseller registers of the time of New York, to reach a slot.

Writers composing challenge for the future was started in 1983 by Ron Hubbard to supply a way for hopeful authors to find great deal of required rest – the victors have continued to deal 31 million great copies of their impressive study blended. Due to the victory of the writing challenge, the companion of the potential illustrators contest was conceived in 1988. Joni Labaqui said that the illustrators and authors in the imminent competitions verified to be the most productive participants.

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