Verizon To FCC: No

Verizon denounced the FCC’s proposal of regulating the telecom sector with old regulations & policies. Verizon said that it the FCC’s report is founded on a false Comcast decision. Furthermore Verizon said that it is no more than returning to the old way of telecommunications, which is practically not feasible. The company came up with a better idea to resolve any mechanical errors and suggested that government should be on the back of the companies in case any technical issue arises.

Verizon cautioned of any potential harm by regulating the highly competitive telecom sector with old rules and regulations. Verizon stressed that it is just anunlawful practice of FCC to increase its authority over the sector.

Verizon expressed its anger that the telecom industry had been a growth causing engine or backbone in the society by providing millions of people with high speed internet access whereas FCC is going to the Old Age time to bring useless norms and regulations. According to the Verizon, there are various financial experts that have noticed that it can put a negative impact over the jobs, innovation, investment and economy.

The FCC has approved that, its policies of internet broadband regulations; it will work outon “Title I”supplementary authority on the different characteristics of the internet service providers such as the information service aspects of the companies like Verizon to regulate itsprogram.
Verizon is basically a worldwide pioneer in delivering outstanding telephonic and internet services to many customers including the government, the businesses and the mass market alike. It has its headquarters based in New York City and a registered Nasdaq & New York Stock Exchange public limited firm. It has a database of millions of customers across the country. Last year alone, Verizon was able to generate a three digit income of $107 billion.

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