Provalis Pushes Text

Provalis Research, a major supplier of text examining package, is delighted to declare the launch of WordStat 6.1, providing a fresh bilingual consumer interface, increased linguistic backing and quicker functioning for examining textual information.

WordStat is an adaptable subject examining and text excavation instrument that rapidly pulls out subjects, styles and designs from big groups of text information like the e-mails, client feedback, consultation copies, open-ended reactions, incident content, patents, lawful documents, web log and webpages. It could study papers in most human being dialects like in French, German, English, Spanish, Greek, Russian, or also other dialects like Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi. Its smooth consolidation with SimStat (a numerical information-examining instrument) and QDA Miner (a quality based information analysis package plan) gives new flexibleness for examining text and associating unorganized subject matter to organised data, like mathematical or categorical information and dates.

WordStat is utilized by marketplace investigators and examiners, law-breaking examiners and paralegal pros, commercial intellect specialists and a broad array of cultural scientists.

This fresh variation of WordStat brings in a lot of advances like:
·        A fresh multi-dialect consumer interface (in French, English and Spanish);
·        Developed dialect backing with incorporated vocabularies and glossaries for five dialects (Spanish, French, German, English, and Portuguese) to aid the growth of catalogues and content examination vocabularies;
·        A 50 percentage advancement over its predecessor in working swiftness, permitting one to examine nearly thirty million phrases per minute.

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