New Revision On iPhone Remote

i-Got-Control is a perfect for those who find it difficult to manage so many remotes for the gadgets in the home and often misplace them. It is a plug-and-play accessory that changes and iPad, iPhone and iPod into a universal remote for a host of appliances and gadgets. It is version 1.2.1 of the iTunes apps from the company. This is what the dads of the world had been waiting for, advanced macro capability easier programming, and control over virtually all the infrared devices such as TV, stereos, music systems anywhere, anytime.

Among the many features of the latest software are, addition of 12 user-definable macros per device, the power to turn on and off all the devices with a single button, auto feature for quicker setup, and removal of ads from the interface. I-Got-Control supports nearly all consumer electronics that are available in the market. Doug Schwartz, President of the company said that the new software will replace the multitude of remotes which often get misplaced and offer a world of comfort to everyone. It allows the user to operate all A/V devices as well as other I/R devices such as lighting and HVAC systems, wherever they are in the home.

The device is very user friendly and can be operated even by kids. Just download this free application from iTunes and connect the accessory to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Start the application and connect all the devices you want to control with this remote. Do not forget to choose the make and model of the IR devices and save the settings. Your universal remote for all the gadgets in your home is ready for use. Coming for just $69.95, it is perhaps an ideal gift for the dads on this father’s day. For more information, one can visit the website of the company.

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