Pectin May Be Effective For Treating Cancer Patients

Some recent studies stated that pectin found in citrus could be valuable for fighting against prostate cancer. Researchers from California University found this substance named MCP (Modified Citrus Pectin) that could have positive effects on cancer prostate. Using MCP along with the diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, the developing of prostate cancer could be slowed down or even stopped.

Prostate cancer is a common disease during the last years, as this is a common kind of cancer. 1 out of 6 men will get this disease. Dr. Jun Yan explains that MCP has some proprieties in hormonal sensitive and hormonal resistant prostate cells. MCP can be used as a chemotherapy agent against prostate cancer. The Citrus Pectin must be modified to meet the required weight and proprieties. MCP will bind the surface of cancer cell trough a protein called galectins. At low molecular level, the human body could easily absorb this MCP, so the concentration reaching the designated cells will be increased.

MCP can also be considered as a perfect method to prevent prostate cancer. MCP can also be used for treating other kind of cancers. The galactosyl from the MCP will prevent cancerous cells for sticking with each other. They will also slip on the surface of molecular vessels, so the tumor won’t grow. Previous studies on MCP stated the clinical benefit of this substance as it has the ability to lengthen PSA. Apoptosis is also induced though the inhibition of MAPK.

DR Isaac Eliaz has a great influence over the latest studies about Modified Citrus Pectin. He says that androgen –dependent cancer is the most common type of prostate cancer, so the ability of MCP to induce apoptosis is important. The process of metastasis is slowed down this way, so MCP has the ability to prolong the patient’s life.

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