New Guidelines Published By Sekimia

Introducing its Mindset guidelines, Sekimia improved upon its demonstrational abilities. Mindset is nothing but grammar in the Language Sekimia’s mantra. Mindset focuses on many visual aspects of security needs of the business and security impacts of IT.

According to Sekimia, it is essential to highlight business and security needs for judgmental purposes during the BCM strategy phase of BS25999 BCM life cycle. Business process owners have these continuity needs of the resources they use. And different owners have different continuity needs for the same resource. Top brass of the management decides between the two different needs of the same resource. This is precisely the reason why Sekimia chose to represent business security needs across many business lines in comparison with Gross incomes per business line.

To take an appropriate decision pertaining to business continuity, the top management is given all the data, whether it is visual or quantitative. Coherence checks pertaining to business specifications regarding security and business continuity considerations can be carried out easily with the help of visual representation of needs. Any business that issues credit cards and seeks PCI-DSS compliance demands high integrity and traceability. On the contrary, a business dealing in payrolls will demand more confidentiality and integrity. Going along these lines, Cryptography is appropriate for a business needing confidentiality and integrity while log management is more suitable for any business seeking PCI-DSS compliance. This is the most appropriate way of dealing with security and continuity needs of businesses. It also does away over spending on security.

Sekimia was founded in 2006 with the aim of giving a business language to those involved with the responsibility of the security and continuity needs of any business. The solutions provided by Sekimia employ Business Process Management as a potential tool. They give necessary skills on information security and business continuity.

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