Furtado In Spanish, Never Gonna Stop

Nelly Furtado, the Portuguese-Canadian singer, has released yet another song in Spanish, showing the power she has on the language and the poetry that she makes. The single became more popular this week, when the video for the song came out. It has become the number 1 and most viewed video on YouTube and Vevo for the week. You can easily watch the video on you-tube.

Nelly recently launched her third studio album, Mi Plan, which became a chart topper on the Billboard’s list. And this week, when the new music video came out, it got showered with over 47 YouTube honors for becoming the most viewed of the week throughout the world. The song features Mala Rodriguez, the 31 year old Spanish singer best known for her hip-hop songs, doing a duet with Nelly. ‘Bajo Otra Luz’ translates to ‘In a different light,’ and is the third single from Nelly’s new album, which has been called her best one yet.

According to Billboard, “Mi Plan shows exposure and passion but with a warmth and ‘Bajo Otra Luz’ gives a sense of great connection between the two singers.”
The New York Times commended Nelly Furtado by saying, “the way she sang the upbeat Spanish singles was a true work of art solidifying her status as a pop singer. Nelly brought many famous Latin singers to feature on her songs, but her gripping voice and soulful words shadowed all of them.”
All Music said, “the way Nelly mixed English and Spanish in her album was strong and unyielding, with a great mix of guitars, electro synths and melodious music. Her Spanish album is without a doubt, the best ever work of her entire career.”

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