HNAP Certifies Payformance

Payformance Corporation, the country’s top supplier of healthcare fee generalization solutions, declared now that it has attained complete certification with the Healthcare Network Accreditation Program (HNAP) from the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Committee (EHNAC). EHNAC’s HNAP authorization shows quality in fitness information handling and dealings, and makes sure fulfilment with trade-recognized principles and HIPAA rules.

During the counselling evaluation procedure, EHNAC assessed Payformance Corporation in regions of secrecy methods, systems accessibility and safety structures. Furthermore, EHNAC evaluated the association’s methods of directing and conveying secure fitness data and concluded that the association undergoes or goes beyond all EHNAC principle and trade criterions. During conclusion of the tough authorization procedure, the association shows to its members, devotion to tough criterions and contribution in the complete, purpose assessment of its production.

“With new alterations in legislation and fulfilment needs, this is a vital period for healthcare systems to be sure that they’re sticking to the newest criterions in secrecy, protection and privacy,” said Lee Barrett, superior chief of EHNAC. “To make EHNAC HNAP certification, healthcare associations are needed to show quality and a pledge to making sure of the protection and concealment of fitness information handling and dealings for their clients. Payformance Corporation links with this exclusive set of HNAP credited groups.”

The healthcare fee procedure is complex. Payformance’s leading solution, PaySpan® Health, arranges expenses data in simply arrangements. This allows suppliers and customers to flawlessly obtain reimbursement fee linked data required through the PaySpan Health webpage.

“Accreditation by EHNAC shows our progressing devotion to giving our clients and associates with outstanding facilities. By implementing tough authorization methods, Payformance has shown loyalty to tough criterions and contributed in an aim assessment of its trade exercises. The EHNAC attests Payformance’s confidential partner positions with payers and contributors for universalization of electronic healthcare outgoings” says Lynn Carroll, COO of Payformance.

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