Citizens Don’t Understand Their Government

State and Federal Communications have been conducting a report on how citizens respond to the Supreme Court’s landmark decisions. The results were that while some states respond well to the new legislation, others are loosening regulations and have less understanding of the new legislation. The president of the COE stated that there are many companies or labor unions that have to keep updated to the new rules so that they don’t violate the legislation unwillingly. The main important thing is that these organizations can have a permanent access to information so that they can know what they are suppose to do and what represents a law violation. The fact that the law was trespassed has noting to do with willing or unwilling so both cases are sanctioned the same way. Other than this, this report has to be accessible to anyone for better information.

This research includes court decisions in some states, ethic administration rules but also opinions on the changing financial rules. In order to sustain their business, some companies have placed new market strategies. It is very important that these strategies don’t interfere with the general rules that the public has to obey and don’t have to be harmful, economically speaking for the citizens of any state. The report can be viewed on the “citizen’s united update” and it is a document that it’s permanently under observation and new laws are updated every time they appear.

Other than this, laws can change with time and circumstances, and it is the duty of the COE to permanent keep informed the population on this rules
Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission report estates the fact that the free, independent expenditures had some negative comprehensions among the labor unions, and that further research should have been conducted, both by organizations and by people working in a labor union.

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