Monopolies Need Government Too

The increasing monopoly of the broadcasting channels has led the Consumer Groups, the video Distributors, and Independent Programmers to team up and form the American Television Alliance. The agency has one prime objective – to protect the consumers from suffering from the laws that bend in favor of the broadcasting agencies.

Currently, the law states that if the demand of the broadcasters is not met then they are allowed to cut off their transmission from the video service providers. Knowing that consumers are tied to their favorite programs that are aired, unfair advantage has been sought, the repercussions of this have been surprisingly nothing but an exponential increase in the rates. Technically, this is a fight between the broadcasting world and the video service providers. However, the consumers are the ones who are suffering.

Realizing the potential of further abuse, this 31 member committee that is also associated with giants like the AT&T, The American Cable Association, DISH Network, & many others, aims to bring about meaningful change in the broadcasting laws and to make sure that the monopoly is broken and an end is brought to the unfair use of the old and impractical broadcasting laws.

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