Eclipse Opens Doors For Hackers

The 2nd sequel in the ‘Twilight’ series is set to be released in a mid-night screening all over the country. The fans of the 3 part movie franchise and random movie goers have been on the internet for days, looking for a sneak preview, an internet leak or anything related to this vampire thriller romance. On the other hand, the cybercriminals have been at work too, encrypting the ‘Twilight’ search results with malware, in order to get through to millions of computers and have fun doing what they do.

Search results for the actor’s names, their stills, etc. have already led to 50% users having their computers crashed. Norton, a  famous anti-spyware company, has found a rise in the ‘Twilight’ related searches during the last 2 days and state that more computers are going to be poisoned in the hours leading to the first screening and afterwards.

Customer support clerks have their phones ringing off the top, with complaints of system failures and virus threats on their computers. the results show that a large portion of the victimized users were lured into clicking tempting links guaranteeing stuff such as nude pictures, leaks of the movie, etc.

The users are being warned not to open mails from unidentified sources, no matter what the subject line says. Also it is advised that you don’t click on links or search results leading to websites that you have never visited or heard of before. The best way to find what you are looking for and still have your computer saved from viruses is to search on social networking websites, as they have strict malware security systems and warnings for users. But even there you are at risk, so have your virus scans updated and running at all times.

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