Deadliest Warrior Up In Demand

Fighting lovers and fans of the Block buster show “Deadliest Warrior” by Spike TV are now able to carve the fate of favorite legends. The game published and developed by Spike Games and Piperworks Software respectively is now available for Xbox LIVE in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America for $10 retail price and at the end of the year will come to PlayStation Network.

The accurate scientific historic and visual aspects of the game has been a reason of it’s success as an on air and favorite TV serial in the markets of Play station and Xbox Live. The theme of the game “Deadliest Warrior” is directly based on the original series. The game offers the customization of legendary historic warriors armed with weapons and playback to the gamers.

The game currently offer Arcade mode for single player and practice, as well it offers the stunning multiplayer game play environment under the heading of Battle, Challenge and Tournament with global competition. The game offers a very rich visual play where wounds and scars are effective on body areas and an interactive environment with real life motions and other features – based on professional fighters movement as depicted on Spike TV.

Different bounties are available for the players like for Xbox Live they receive a samurai armor after defeating the game with a hero and a helmet and mask after winning the game from all warriors on most difficult leve. There are also  picture packs and a themeare available on Marketplace of XBOX LIVE at The Play Station owners have to wait for avatars and theme to the end of the year.

SPIKE TV is a part of MTV networks and currently reaching to almost 100 million homes. MTV Networks ins now leader in the industry of programming and content in all platforms. For the latest information , photographs and press release drop in to

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