Cyber School Charters Under Examination

As recognition of the efforts of hundreds of PA cyber teachers and employees, the charter to PA cyber charter school has been renewed and this is good news to many families who depend on the school. This sentiment was expressed by CEO, Mr. Nick Trombetta, who is of the view that charter schools have to prove their worth unlike other schools or they cease to operate. He profusely thanked the officials of the Pennsylvania Department of justice for their active cooperation and the unending support for the entire duration of one year of the charter renewal process. He also thanked them for making generous comments on the successes achieved by the school and said that the school will try to implement the suggestions made by them for further improvement.

Thomas E. Gluck, acting secretary of the Department of Education, signed the renewal along with trustees and other officials of the Cyber School. The charter will be effective from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2015. PA Cyber was founded in 2000 and this year it celebrated its 10th anniversary. All along it has been a leader in online education. Dr. Trombetta is considered to be an authority and asked to preside over many conferences on the subject of new methods of education.

First cyber charter school to offer all the classes from KG to class 12, PA cyber accepted students from all over the state. After economic conditions forced closure of the midland Borough School, PA cyber was opened. Expecting about 50 students, the authorities were more than pleased when 500 students enrolled in the first year itself. Students kept pouring in, and this year saw 9000 students attending the school. In 2009, the school passed all internal assessment targets regarding quality and academic excellence under the PA system. The school has headquarters in Midland, PA.

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