Project Runway, Season 8, Need We Say More?

There are seventeen top designers who will be working for Project Runway, the 8th season. The hosts that these designers will have to face are Klum, Gunn, Kors and Garcia. A guest star is also appointed for this season; Selma Blair. The designers will be undergoing a series of challenges where they have to display their creativity and innovativeness. As a part of the format, there will be eliminations till the final designer is selected.

The season is shot in NYC. The winning designer will be prized and amount of $100,000 from L’Oreal which s/he could use to spring up his/her own fashion venture. A technology suite shall also be awarded to the winner which will have a worth of $50,000. The designer edition of Marie Claire will star the winner along with the model and shall gather $25,000 from L’Oreal Studio Professionals.

The top designers who are known to participate in this breath taking season of Project runway are:

Thouvenot (26), South (23), Johnston (21), Casanova (33), Collins (30), Jones (28), Higa (30), Troisi (33), Simms (38), Maddox (29), Costello (27), Drummond (31), Guerra (32), D’Aurizio (31), Carr (50), Trost (27) and Mayen (28).

The reality show and competition has received two Emmys for the Program itself and for the Host (Klum).

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