Men On Embedded Systems

Men Micro, a company that is famous for embedded computing and I/O solutions for harsh and mobile environment applications, has come with a single board computer for use in mobile and intelligent display environs. These include public transport systems like trains, airplanes and other vehicles that are used in agriculture and construction activities. SBC is very compact in size and gets installed into display devices as small as 10.4”.

Ready for a touch screen interface, SBC is induction cooled and is in addition to two of the already functional models RC1 and DC1. The computer has low powered Intel Atom processor but has exceptional computing power in conditions that have space constraints. Having got a 1 GB DDR2 SD RAM, SC2 1 allows for many memory configurations. It even allows a micro SD card usage and a SATA interface for HDD/SDD with high transfer rates of up to 100 MB per sec. It comes with two Ethernet ports which can be used for connection to different display systems. When connected to external antenna, it can perform wireless functions such as WIFI WIMAX, GSM/GPRS and UMTS. It has a wide operating voltage range which is 8V to 36V. It has an intelligent power supply unit that supervises input voltage and temperature which is crucial for monitor display. It also controls backlight which is used to turn off display.

Operating temperature of the board is -40 to 70 degree Celsius, but it can operate at 85 degree C for up to 10 minutes in an emergency. The board has been soldered to withstand shocks and vibrations. It has got an optional brightness control for the display. Audio output is HD. The price of SC2 1 is $845 and is delivered in 2 to 6 weeks upon order.  For more information, please visit the company’s website.

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