Bring Your Old Phones To Verizon, They Recycle

If you are thinking to buy any new mobile like “DROID X” that was launched by Motorola, then what are you expecting to do with your used mobile phone? Of course, if your old mobile phone doesn’t work that well, then you would like to throw it away, but there is now a better option other than that. Verizon wireless allows you to donate your mobile to them and they will properly recycle it. Either they will repair it and make it useful or if it’s of no value, then they will dispose off properly without any landfill problem. They have provided HopeLine bins at various stores where customers can leave their old mobile phones and then they will utilized properly after that.

You can help the victims of domestic violence with such donations and getting your old cell phone recycled at the same time. This scheme was launched in October 2001, and since that time, millions of phones have been donated. Verizon suggests and encourages people and customers to erase all the personal data they are having on their mobile phone because once, they donated, the phone may perhaps get into bad hands and their information which is personal may get leaked. If they forget to erase the data, then they can leave it as it is and the professionals of Verizon will do it.

Verizon recycling process erases all the data of any mobile compulsorily before making any changes to the mobile. It is set up with an extraordinary data eraser exercise which eliminates all the information according to information laws. Finally in this erasure process, the devices are all set to original factory settings, while other things like themes and games are deleted. If you are just in mood to buy a new version of Wireless mobile like “DROID X” or a Blackberry Smartphone, then it is best preferred to donate the old mobile phone and get the feel of latest technology plus help in making the social cause successful.

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